Couple Eats 60-Year-Old Wedding Cake on Anniversary


Florida: It may sound bizarre, but a Florida couple Ken and Ann Fredericks, married on Aug 19, 1955 are yet to finish eating their 60-year-old wedding cake. What they do is to eat a piece every year on their marriage anniversary, and store the remaining cake in plastic wrap inside a coffee can at room temperature.

They add a bit of brandy to moisten up the dark fruit cake that Ann’s grandmother made for their wedding.

“Every year, we unwrap it, pour brandy over it — because you need to moisten it — and we break off a piece,” she said. “Now, our children are appalled that we would be eating something that’s 60 years old. But believe me, it’s quite tasty, as long as it’s got enough brandy on it. And it’s never made us sick,” Ann told Florida Today.