Couple Attempt Suicide In Kolkata


Kolkata: A couple tried to commit suicide in Kolkata on Wednesday. The incident occurred at the Margaret Avenue of Regent Park Police Station. A couple in Kolkata first slit the throat of their minor daughter and then slit their own throat and wrist.

The couple has been identified as software engineer Atish Dipankar Naskar (40) and homemaker Dola Naskar (33).  They were accompanied by five year old daughter. The mother was not at home That night, he with knife try to cut the first child throat and then the wife’s throat. Later he tried to commit suicide.

According to sources, they also slit the throat of their daughter Odwitia but are now unable to see the little girl’s struggle for every single breath.

Police rescued the three from the same room and rushed to MR Bangur Hospital at Tollygunge. The couple has a deep cut injury in their throat and left wrist; their daughter has a deep cut only in the throat. All of them have been admitted to the ICU. Police started investigation.