Countries Supporting Terrorism Should Be Held Responsible: Modi


Bishkek: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made a veiled attack on Pakistan and said that countries that support, encourage or provide finance to terrorism should be held responsible for their activities.

Addressing the SCO summit here, Modi said the vision of its member countries was to strengthen healthy cooperation in the region and the word ‘HEALTH’ created a good template.

He explained that in the word “HEALTH”, ‘H’ stood for Healthcare Cooperation, ‘E’ for Economic Cooperation, ‘A’ for Alternate Energy, ‘L’ for Literature and Culture, ‘T’ for a terrorism-free society and ‘H’ for Humanitarian Cooperation.

Modi said during his visit to a terror-hit site in Sri Lanka earlier this month, he saw the evil face of terrorism which manifested itself anywhere and took lives of innocent people.

“To deal with this, all humanitarian forces should come out of their narrow concerns and get united. It is vital to hold responsible, countries that encourage, support or finance terrorism. SCO countries should use the possibility of cooperation under SCO-RATS (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure) to eliminate terrorism. India calls for an international conference to deal with terrorism,” he said.

Modi said that India had extended constructive cooperation to all activities of SCO and kept up its engagements to increase the role of the organisation in the international arena.