Councillor Anindya Chatterjee’s Aide Arrested Over Extortion


Kolkata: An aide of Trinamool Councillor Anindya Chatterjee was arrested on Sunday over alleged charges of extortion.

Dipankar Sen, aide of Anindya Chatterjee, was arrested by the Bidhannagar Commissionerate police on Sunday over alleged extortion charges. He would be produced in the court on Monday. As per sources, he used to work under the leadership of Anindya Chatterjee. Several cases are already existing in the police diary against Dipankar. In all the cases he has been accused of extorion and beating up of locals.

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Anindya Chatterjee, a Trinamool councillor of Salt Lake was arrested by police for alleged charges of extortion. Police arrested him after chief minister, Mamata Banerjee gave the green signal. This showed that CM Mamata Banerjee would be tough against extortionists and construction material supply syndicate-raj that is becoming a major issue in the sprawling New Town. This has been possible as house owners and builders face a threat from them and often pay the extortionists to keep them happy.

This had been going on since the days of Left Front, apart from some criminals, no politician was ever arrested for extortion. There were a number of complaints against him for extorting from the house owners. Chatterjee is a councillor of ward 41.

Mamata had been unhappy after she received a series of complaints against him. Recently, Trinamool MP Sudip Bandopadhyay had also complained against him. So, Mamata wanted him to resign, but he did not follow her dictate, following which he was arrested.

Chatterjee and his men had gone to the AE block and demanded money and had thrown away construction material and threatened to stop work if they were not paid Rs 12 lakh. A resident of AE block had complained that the councillor had demanded Rs 12 lakh for extension work of the house. The house owner who was also close to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had informed her and Hasina had informed Mamata about the matter.

Chatterjee was interrogated by police on Tuesday and then he was arrested as he failed to give answers to the queries. Chattejree used to run an advertising business earlier and had also worked as a journalist of Tara TV for some time, before he became a Trinamool councillor. As the charges are non-bailable so he is expected to land in police custody once he is presented in the court in the afternoon.