Could Mamata tame TMC’s inner feud?

Ashok Basu

After the declaration of TMC candidature, discontents flared up in some constituencies. Hot protests are fuming in the ruling party’s local level. The inner fighting is going on mainly between hardcore TMC’s and Left-turned-TMCs. In maximum districts erstwhile local satraps just threw their red cloaks and became Didi’s beloved bhais and bones. Just as we see in the famous Bengali black-white movie ‘Beallish’ (1942). In those municipalities, where LF (read CPM) was virtual god, after Mamata Banerjee’s CM-ship they became TMC’s everything.

বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন

কোন্দল গুটিয়ে যাবে মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় একবার হুমকি দিলেই

Almost twenty-five years ago, I had gone in Shasan, the cocoon of ‘Majid Master’. Then, Majid Master was the first and last word of that periphery of North 24 Paraganas. To reach in front of him, I had to cross several interrogation and checking circle one after another. All were monitored by Majid’s cadres. The house was humming with various types of activities just like any influential Kulak farm. There was an Austin, neat & clean, polished. At the time of last Lok Sabha election, I went again there. A virtually abandoned house. I gave a call. I knew Majid Master took shelter someplace else. I just wanted to see if anybody was there. Only Majid Master’s wife and daughter came out to receive me. Except those two women, there was nobody. No. There was the Austin! In a shabby shed. As Majid Master, the Austin also has lost its glory.
I don’t know, if Majid Master could return to his own home. But I saw in the news, he praised Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Kanyashri’.
Anyway, let just come to the point again. Those who were influentials, now they are influentials. CPM-turned-TMCs became the ruling party’s apparatchiki.  Once they had ruled and terrorized the people with the red banner of CPM, now they threatened the local populace with the TMC’s banner. And their fatty elbow-bantering just out-geared the old TMCs. And those satraps became so powerful, that TMC and Mamata Banerjee herself could not handle them properly.
Those words are not of mine. Thus said that admirable teacher of Pirijpur. Thus said majority of the middle class of West Bengal.
So, the factional feud of TMC is basically the fight of CPM-turned-TMCs versus hardcore grass root Congress. At last who will succeed to tame whom? Can Mamata Banerjee….?

The writer is the ex-Excutive Editor of the Bengali daily “Bartaman” and the ex-Associated Editor of the Bengali daily “Sambad Pratidin”

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