Cosmic Sex to be released online worldwide


Kolkata: Much talked about Amitabha Chakraborty’s ‘Cosmic Sex’ is going to be released online on Feb 1. For the first time, a film is going to be released only in the cyber world. To put it in other words, the film will not be available at cinemas for the general public.


“In Cosmic Sex I have explored the possibility of using sex to achieve God, the connection between sex and spirituality. If one were to chart the flow of one’s sexual energy, it would start from attraction, then copulation, orgasm, ejaculation, birth, life, marriage of children, old age, death. The sexual energy flows out and manifests and manifests,” says Amitabha.


The film promises to open up new horizons of Indian cinema. The topic on which it is based, undoubtedly remains as one of the boldest and most complex issues of human life.