Cosmic Encounter: Venus & Jupiter Will Pass Each Other On Monday


New York: The two planets are moving close together and will both be visible on Monday, November 13. The planets Venus and Jupiter will pass each other in the sky. Jupiter and Venus will pair up in the sky on Monday morning, shining brightly together shortly before sunrise.

The two planets will appear so close together that they may look like they are just one bright star rather than two planets. This is the closest these two planets will appear all year, an astronomical event known as a conjunction.

Venus and Jupiter will rise together about one hour before sunrise in the eastern sky, but they will remain low on the horizon. The planets will be visible for around an hour before the light from the rising sun becomes too bright to spot the planets.

A telescope isn’t needed to see the planets as they are two of the brightest planets in the night sky. However, a telescope or a pair of high-powered binoculars focused on Jupiter will reveal the planet’s colorful bands of clouds, as well as its four largest moons.

The two planets will only be 16 arcminutes (half the width of the full moon) apart and – providing there’s no cloud cover – will be nice and bright in the sky. The best time to see the two planets will be about 40 minutes before sunrise on Monday morning.