Corruption Will Lead To Police Custody : Anubrata Mondal


Suri:  Trinamool Congress district president Anubrata Mondal has warned corrupted party leaders from the stage of Trinamool Women Workers Convention on Sunday. He has warned to put corrupt leaders in police custody.  Women Workers Convention took place at Dubrajpur of Birbhum.

A call for more participation of women in party agenda and administrative works was present in the speech of Anubrata Mondal. A parallel voice against the corrupted leaders was evident in the program. If somebody claims money for housing scheme, that will be counted under police custody. In nutshell, money cannot be taken from the poors.

দুর্নীতি করলেই গ্রেফতার, কড়া বার্তা অনুব্রতর

Previously, in a public meeting he had beefed up against corruption. He gave his personal number to contact in problem.  Focusing on the Panchayet election, ruling party is trying to avoid any kind of adverse situation. This kind of statement is considered as ‘self-protection’ just before rural poll.

He faced criticism on this note. Oppositions said, this type of statement comes when the team itself is a corrupted. BJP leader Sayantan Sur said, if proper investigation is done, every jail will be overloaded with TMC leaders.”