Cops Take Measures To Aware Against ‘Fake’ Kidnapping


Bankura: Kidnapping and kidnappers are the talk of the town. Which town? The list is endless. Recently, rumours have spread all over starting from Bishnupur, spreading to Bankura, Raipur, Sarenga and Shimlipal.

Fear has induced within the locals. To stop this, the cops have taken out to the streets to spread awareness. Even, the B.Ed students are not spared.  The rumours of ‘fake’ kidnapping have widely spread through different social medium such as Whatsapp and through facebook posts.

The Taldangra police are taking serious steps to bring awareness among the common people. Leaflets are being widely distributed with the name and number of the officer in charge, printed.  The Officer in charge, Gautam Sikdar has even requested people to inform the police if anything suspicious is spotted. The police hope that this step will be helpful to aware people.