Cops Seize Large Amount of Explosives In Mumbai’s Manor Area


Mumbai: The Maharashtra ATS and Mumbai crime branch in its joint operation on 27 October seized large amount of explosives from Manor Area of Palghar district, however even after many days had passed there has been no official word from ATS on the whole case, which raises a few doubts on how the high intensive explosives reached so close to Mumbai and who are the people behind it.

The cops had found a large quantity of explosives, one of which was RDX, which FSL had confirmed. Sources from the police confirmed that crime branch received  a tip off about the explosives, a collaborative joint raid was conducted by the ATS and crime branch.

On October 27, almost 100 officers  raided the abandoned PWD structure where the explosives had been dumped. The cops found the explosives after spending two days in the search. The ATS officer and a central agency official confirmed it was a tip off but there is no official confirmation.

Sources from the Mumbai police department have now told India Today that the explosives were kept at the spot for a long period of time. A senior IPS officer told India Today, “The explosive was dumped inside the ground for very long time. Around the spot few plants had grown up which indicates that the explosives were dumped at the spot several months or even years back. Some of the materials in the explosive seizer had even got destroyed which could not be used now. So from all the current evidence we suspect that the explosives were kept for very long time at the spot.”

The IPS officer further added, “We highly suspect that some terrorist organization may have kept the explosives there long time back. We are inquiring from terrorist who are arrested in the past and questioning them.”

However there are many questions being raised on the raid and seizures. A source from the department said that if such a massive amount of explosives are seized and the cops have cracked the case, then by now, the cops would have come out officially to announce the seizure. Some cops in department are even questioning the raid, however sources in the ATS told us that police officers will officially announce the seizure, entire operation behind the raids and person responsible.