Cop mows down three women to death


New Delhi: In yet another shocking event in the national capital, three women were killed on Tuesday morning after being hit by the car of a sub-inspector of Delhi Police at a toll plaza in the Badarpur area of South East Delhi.

The women are sweepers who were cleaning the toll plaza when they were hit by the speeding car. The sub-inspector has subsequently been detained. He himself made the call to the police to report the incident. CFSL team has been called in by police to examine the car.

“We were all cleaning and clearing up the area. We were 6 people in total. The car came from behind and ran over three of them. Three of them died,” said an eyewitness.

Earlier a massive row ensued in Delhi after a Sub-Inspector of Delhi police assaulted a woman in broad day light for not paying bribe. Later he was dismissed, as pressure mounted.