Cop Attacked in Gujarat, Bike Set on Fire


Gandhinagar: A traffic policeman in Vadodara was being beaten relentlessly by a mob of nearly 40 people. The cop’s motorcycle was also on fire. Three other policemen tried to rescue their colleague by pulling him into a jeep, but before they could drive away, the crowd pulled him out again and resumed the assault.

The lynching was filmed by media persons who had rushed to the spot. On Tuesday afternoon, Constable Shantilal Parmar signaled to three men riding a bike to stop. Those men allege that the constable hit one of them with a baton, which provoked the crowd that Gathered.

The police deny that claim and say the three men on the motorcycle tried to race away after being pulled over and hit a road divider. The police with the help of the footage has identified and arrested Barias mother Urmila on charges of inciting violence.

Officials said that process is on to identify other assaulters.