Cool Summer Tips For Pregnant Women


Pregnant women should take special care especially during summers. Hot summer weather can make them feel more discomfortable due to high levels of estrogen and other hormonal functions in the body. Follow proper healthy pregnancy diet and summer tips to avoid body overheat problems.

Follow these 7 cool summer tips for pregnant women. Let you and your baby enjoy cool summer.

Tees and Tops
Wearing thin comfortable T-shirts and cotton tops during summer for pregnant women helps to stay more comfortable. As these clothes are light and thin pregnant women can feel soft by beating the hot summer weather.

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Wear Light Colored Clothes
Choosing best clothes during summer for pregnant women is highly important to stay cool. Wear light-colored cotton clothes during pregnancy in summer. It is believed that  light color clothes absorb less heat than dark coloured clothes. Avoid wearing clothes like color dyes in the clothes get sticks to skin. Those harmful chemicals would cause many side-effects.

Choose Cotton and Linen Clothing
Cotton and linen fabrics are the best clothing during summer for pregnant women. Because cotton and linen clothes absorb more sweat and make us feel light and more comfortable during hot summers.

Stay Home during daytime
Stay at home although a daytime to beat hot summer weather. You can move out after sun-set in the evenings and spend some time to relax your mind. Pregnant women must indulge herself in all house-keeping activities to get normal delivery. Don’t over-strain.

Beat the Summer with Water
Pregnant women must consume lots of water in many forms to get healthy pregnancy. Drink water in the form of home-made soup, tea, juices etc. You must keep your body highly hydrated to avoid unwanted health risks for baby. Baby in the womb needs for more water content. So, beat the summer with water.

Cool shower twice a day
Bathing or showing in a cold water twice or thrice a day will help pregnant women during summers. Shower morning, evening and at night to relax body and mind during summers. Shower frequently in order to beat the heat. This is one of the best summer tips for pregnant women.

Reduce salt intake
Lower your salt intake in foods especially during summer for pregnant women. Taking more salt will make your feet swollen and painful due to water retention. So, reduce salt and substitute it with pepper and seasonings.

Best summer tips for pregnant women is to take short sleep 3-4 times a day. Frequent short sleeps would help you to relax body and mind. Also, enjoy doing pre-natal yoga, listen to mild music and enjoy short sleep then and there.

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