Convict holds Nirbhaya responsible for rape

Convict holds Nirbhaya responsible for rape

New Delhi: One of the convicts of the gruesome Nirbhaya rape case which had claimed the life of the 23 year old has said that the victim is to be blamed for her fate. He said that the girl should have kept quiet and allow herself to get raped.

Mukesh Singh, the driver of the bus where the incident took place, in an interview said, “While being raped, she should not have fought back. She should have remained silent and allowed the rape.”

He also said that a decent girl won’t roam around 9 o clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy. Boys and girls are not equal and girls should stay at home and do household works rather than roaming at discos and bars at night or wear wrong clothes.

Speaking about death penalty, he said that his excecution more dangerous for women. “Now when men rape, they will not leave the girl like we did. They will kill the girl. The rape was to teach the girl and her friend a lesson that they should not have been out late at night.

The incident rocked up the entire country an outburst of which was felt across the country following the country’s global criticism over woman security.