Convener Of Naba Banga Awarded In USA


Kolkata: The non-political organization Naba Banga is working to bring back the lost glory of West Bengal. This organization thinks that the Bengalis have been defamed in all over the world due to bloody Panchayat elections where murder, rigging everything happened.

পুরস্কৃত নববঙ্গের আহ্বায়ক

Many youths of Bengal already joined this organisation inspired by the ideologies of the organization. And for this immerse contribution to the society, The convenor of the organization Soumen Purokayostho was awarded by USA’s Federation of Indo-American society.

Inspirational leadership award was given to the Soumen Purokayostho. California’s Mayor Alan Negi announced to give this award to the Soumen Purokayostho. In this ceremony, former mayor of Miliptas was also present.

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Soumen Purokayostho skipped the ceremony due to the condolence meet of former Indian prime minsiter Atal Bihari Vajpayee. One of the representative of the orgabnisation accepted the award.

Naba Banga is working in the village of Bengal. Nababanga is said to be influenced by the BJP ideology. They are trying to increase political awareness among young people of Bengal about various issues.

They will have a significant role to bring about changes in Bengal before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and before the election of the Bidhan Sabha 2021. However he dedicated his award to late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. At the same time he said, “We have received this award only for working for the people of Bengal. So, I want to thank peoples of Bengal.