Controversy Sparks As ‘Tiranga’ Accidentally Dropped By Amit Shah


New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah faces huge criticism as the tri-colour national flag tumbled down from his hand. Suddenly the flag fall from halfway.

The video got viral after telecasted in a national channel. Many news media com up with the stating ” The environment was fulled with Bharat Mata Ki Jay, Jay Hind Slogan at the time of flag hoisting. It came down instead of raising up. But Amit Shah somehow managed the situation and hoisted the flag with proper significance.

The opposition took the video clipping as a weapon to criticise BJP and questioned their capability to haldle a diverse country like India. Congress took Twitter to share the video where they wrote, “Jo desh ka jhanda nehi samhal sakte, woh desh kaise sambhalenge.”