Customers Protest Mismanagement At Bankura’s Post Office

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Bankura: The locals resorted to protest on Tuesday alleging complete mismanagement of the post-office in Bankura’s Kenjakura.

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The locals alleged that it is a waste of time to go to the post office. There are no minimum services available. The people do not get documents in hand despite the expiry of their deposits. They also accused the post office of showing several excuses for not handing them their own money.

Before this, nothing worked on requesting. Instead, the officials badly behaved with the customers as alleged. For this reason, the customers of the post office assembled to protest. Due to the protest, the post office employees had to return home.

The news of the protest reached the head post-master of the post office’s main branch. Pranabananda Chandra, the head post-master have assured to look into the matter and said that he will see to it that the Kenchakura’s post office can be reopened soon in a positive way.