Conspiracy May Lead Kunal Into Jail


Kolkata: No relief for TMC Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh after the Sarada scam. And that can be seen from his recent Facebook status where he has expressed his possibilities of getting arrest.

He said that an old tenant-promoter issue long before has now put him into trouble again, for which the promoter has filed FIR against Ghosh to Kolkata police. The person who tried to strangle Ghosh in Bankshal court is also involved in this incident. Such accusation was made by MP Kunal Ghosh.

According to Kunal Ghosh’s recent post on Facebook the incident took place many years ago, when Ghosh was rising in his career being in contact with present CM Mamata Banerjee. A tenant was forced to leave the apartment by the promoter,Kunal Ghosh stood beside the family. Case went on between both the sides. But few days ago the promoter has filed a complaint against Kunal Ghosh.

Kunal Ghosh has said that it can be conspiracy of the person who strangled him in Bankshall court, who also tried to supress Ghosh’s speech.Despite all these issues he is not afraid of this conspiracy, Ghosh said.