Connect Rurals’ With Science & Technology For A Better India: Dr. Achyuta Samanta


Priyanka Dutta, Kolkata: India needs to strengthen its scientific knowledge for development of relevant technologies which can be catered to the common masses. This is only possible through promoting and nurturing affordable innovation.

“Through Science and Technology it is our prime duty to allow the common man to avail the development. The strengthening of basic science courses is directly linked to the development of our country” Dr. Achyuta Samanta President of Indian Science Congress Association says in Manipur where The PM has inaugurated the 105th Indian Science Congress ‘Reaching the unreached through Science and Technology’.

This is very surprising for the Expressing happiness over the programme, Dr. Samanta says We have to be future ready in implementing technologies vital for the growth and prosperity of the nation. Technology will allow far greater penetration of services such as education, healthcare, and banking to our citizens.

Dr Samanta, known as an educationist, has set KIIT University which has around 25,000 students and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) where around 25,000 indigenous students are being given free residential education from kindergarten to post graduation.

Dr Samanta said: “My aim was to popularise the basic and applied science courses in our country. These days, students are getting lured towards engineering and technology and as a result, the basic sciences have taken a big hit. So, my role was now to motivate more and more young minds to pursue basic sciences.”

PM adds “India has a rich tradition and a long history of both discovery and use of science and technology. It is time to reclaim our rightful place among the front-line nations in this field. I call upon the scientific community to extend its research from the labs to the land.”
“The time is ripe to redefine ‘R&D’ as ‘research’ for the ‘development’ of the nation,” he added. “Science is, after all, but a means to a far greater end; of making a difference in the lives of others, of furthering human progress and welfare.”

Dr Samanta is also credited to have kick-started a unique social initiative-Art of Giving which motivates people to help one another voluntarily.