Congress Will Bring Better GST If Comes To Power: RaGa


Gandhinagar: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said after coming to power, the Congress will bring a better Goods and Services Tax (GST). Addressing a rally here in Khedbrahma, Gandhi said, “As soon as the Congress comes to power, we will bring down Gabbar Singh Tax, bring a better GST so that no one will have to pay more than 18 percent tax.”

In the recent past, Rahul has been terming GST as Gabbar Singh Tax. Late Amjad Khan played the role of Gabbar Singh, a ruthless dacoit, in 1975 blockbuster Hindi film ‘Sholay’. Rahul said like Gabbar Singh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Union government is stealing money from poor and downtrodden. He also said that the Gujarat government has privatised education in the state, which has made it difficult for the poor and adivasis to educate their children.

“Ninety percent colleges have been privatised in Gujarat. If poor or adivasis want to send their children to the colleges then first they will have to pay Rs 5-10 lakh to the college management. But, these poor and adivasi people can’t pay 5-10 lakh rupees,” the Congress vice president said.
Gandhi also said that the water of river Narmada is being given to the industrialists instead of farmers. He said Gujarat is the only state in India where land of poor and adivasis can be acquired very easily.

“Around 6.5 lakh acres of land has been forcefully acquired from poor and adivasis in Gujarat. Out of which, 60 percent land has not been utilised but it was not returned to the land owners,” Gandhi said. He said the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government allotted Rs 35,000 crore under MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) that provided employment to crores of poor and “on the other hand, Narendra Modi pumped around Rs 33,000 crore in Nano factory”.

He then asked the gathering: “Have you ever seen a Nano car in Gujarat? I have travelled across Gujarat but didn’t find a single Nano on the roads.”
Gandhi further added: “Had Rs 33,000 crore been invested in health or education then people wouldn’t have to pay donations in the colleges.”
He also alleged that despite falling of international crude oil prices, the Modi government is hiking the price of diesel and petrol. Gandhi also criticised the Modi government over demonetisation.