Congress, TMC Hit Out At PM Modi On Indira Gandhi’s Birthday


Kolkata: The Congress and TMC on Sunday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi while commemorating the birth centenary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Congress organised a run for peace and other activities.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) too organised an event in front of the Indira Gandhi statue, attended by state ministers Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee.

“Gandhi, after becoming prime minister, adopted pro-people policies. Narendra Modi after becoming prime minister did the opposite. He worked to suit the interests of a few industrialists. If Gandhi is like sun, then Modi is like hell, ” Hakim Mukherjee said, “Gandhi understood nothing except the betterment of the nation. The present PM only understands his party and individuals.”

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee too tweeted, “Remembering former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her 100th birth anniversary.” State Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury said, “What is happening in the country under leadership of present prime minister? Communalism and casteism have increased. Hatred is spreading. Gandhi always fought for peace.”

State BJP chief Dilip Dhosh said, “There should be no objection to say good things about a former PM. Similarly, they have no right to say bad things about the present PM. It seems that they found another occasion to target the Centre.”