Congress Supports BJP In Murshidabad


Berhampore: With the help and support of Congress party, a BJP candidate became the
deputy gram panchayat pradhan at the Gunduria gram panchayat at Bharatpur number 1
block in Murshidabad.

The Gram Panchayat in Gunduria village has 11 seats out of which 3 are in TMC’s favour, 3 was won by BJP and 1 by Congress.

The board of that Panchayat was set up easily by TMC on Monday. It is a rule to be a female member of the Tapsil commumity to be the deputy gram panchayat pradhan, But that was not possible for TMC as none out of the 7 winning candidates was a female.

One out of 3 winning candidates of BJP is a female from the Tapsil community. The Congress’ winning candidate of gave support to the BJP candidate to be elected as the deputy gram panchayat pradhan.

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