Congress MP Adhir Claims Assets Shrunk In 5 Years


Kolkata: Former Union Minister and Congress’ outgoing MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, who is fighting to retain his Baharampur Lok Sabha seat in West Bengal, has declared that his movable assets stand at Rs 66.65 lakh with no immovable properties, downsized from overall assets worth over Rs 5 crore declared in 2014.

Interestingly, the value of the overall assets of his wife, A. Chowdhury and dependent Hoimanti Chowdhury has multiplied manifold during the last five years, according to his affidavit submitted as part of the nomination filing process.

Movable assets of the 63-year-old MP include Rs 6.95 lakh of bank deposits, Rs 1.21 lakh cash in hand and 200 gms of gold worth Rs 6.8 lakh, besides a vehicle which was bought in 2017.

The former West Bengal state Congress President owns no immovable properties as shown in his affidavit. In 2014, he had declared Rs 1.12 crore movable and Rs 4.07 crore immovable assets.

According to the affidavit, his wife owns movable assets worth about Rs 38.97 lakh, down from Rs 2.45 crore of movable properties shown in 2014 but her immovable assets stand at Rs 5.15 crore though it was shown ‘nil’ earlier.

His wife’s immovable assets include five non-agricultural land parcels valued at Rs 3.07 crore collectively, commercial building with a current market value of Rs 20 lakh and six residential buildings including apartments in New Delhi, Kolkata and a flat in Dehradun.

Former Minister of State for Railways, Chowdhury has also declared that his dependant Hoimanti Chowdhury owns Rs 15.63 lakh of movable assets and immovable properties worth Rs 3.76 crore.

Notably, some of the immovable properties including non-agricultural land and two residential properties – one in Baharampur and one at Vedik Village project in Kolkata – were shown both in their names.

Immovable properties of his wife and dependent were acquired “by way of gift”, the affidavit read. The MP has also declared Rs 42.57 lakh liabilities in terms of loan or dues to individuals or entity.

Chowdhury, accused of a number of offences, including murder, physical assault, has seven pending criminal cases against him.