Congress MLA Reveals Tryst With ‘Tiger’


Srinagar: In a stirring revelation militant-turned-mainstream politician, Usman Majeed claimed that once he met Tiger Memon, wanted by the Indian security agencies for orchestrating the 1993 Mumbai blast.

Congress MLA Majeed told media that Memon was undergoing arms training in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) where the duo met. Usman Majeed, elected from Bandipur assembly seat revealed that notorious Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, will never allow Tiger to surrender to Indian authorities.

He also said that ISI will kill Tiger Memon if he tries to surrender to India. Usman said that Tiger was much humiliated in the aftermath of Yakub’s surrender to India and feared for his life.

Usman had stayed in Pakistan for two years. Later, he returned and surrendered to Indian authorities. Usman decided to join the mainstream and won the Assembly Elections as an Independent candidate in 2002 from the Bandipora constituency.