Congress Minority Cell To Protest ‘Free-Liquor-license’ Decision


Kolkata: Opposing the free liquor liscence decison of Mamata Banerjee government, the Congress Minority Cell will go for movement in protest of such decision. They termed the decision as ruining to the society and young generation.

The state government has decided to open liquor stores to rejuvenate Bengal from debt trap, and chief minister Mamata Banerjee is desperately looking for ways to shore up its tax revenues.

Reacting on the issue, MLA Milton Rashid, the chairman of Congress Minority Cell said that “we will start our protest programme after puja. It will not only stop on protest but will take legal action too if necessary.”

West Bengal government has taken the decision to generate more revenue and will issue at least thousand license. Government will also participate in the retail market business. West Bengal Bevarages Corporation Limited will be the retail organisation in near future, will supply Indian and foreign liquor in Kolkata market. They will get the control of the foreign liquor in West Bengal.

Explaining the issue, Milton Rashid said that “Such decision will affect the young generation. In the time of employment crisis, such decision will ruin the future. So we will move against the decision and take legal action.”

The government has also planned to open bars in future. The decision was made mainly to increase in revenue. Last year, the state government earned seven thousand eight hundred crores from excise duty. The tender will be called for opening this shops. But businessmen should have a valid license to start shops.