Congress-Left alliance to stop BJP?


Kolkata: To stop the galloping run of the BJP in the state, CM Mamata Banerjee has raised her voice for the coming together of forces outside the Congress and BJP. In this kind of scenario, the Pradesh Congress (PCCI) is seeking for an exposure into light. The Pradesh Congress is looking forward to make an alliance with the Leftists in the state. Fighting for political acceptance within the state, the Lefts are also stepping forward for the alliance. According to sources, the Pradesh Congress members have even approached Sonia Gandhi in Delhi.

To cement the approach and the plan, three of the Congress aces in the likes of Soumen Mitra, Pradip Bhattacharya and Abdul Mannan have flown to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi. Although Sonia had primarily not washed off the consequences, whether she has agreed to the proposal is yet not known.

However, the members of Pradesh Congress have denied any such news from their end. The Congress-Left alliance is not new in the political sphere of India. Instances of such alliances had been the trademark of Indian politics.