Congress leader Digvijay Singh and Amrita Rai ties the knot


New Delhi: Congress Leader Digvijay Singh and Television Anchor Amrita Rai has finally tied the knot. Rai made the announcement on Facebook. She wrote, “I would like to share with my friends that I and Digvijaya Singh have married in a solemn ceremony, as per the Hindu rites. We have also later registered our marriage.”
She alleged that she had been treated like a criminal and was a victim of cyber crime. She said, “I was trolled and abused in most derogatory language for no fault of mine. I kept a dignified silence and went on with my work, believing in myself and my love for Digvijaya.”

The TV anchor further said that though she knew that questions would be raised on the age difference with Digvijaya Singh, she knew what was good for her.

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