Congress Leader Close To Adhir Joins BJP


Kolkata: Congress leader Anupam Ghosh, who is close to Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, joined the BJP party on Sunday.

Anupam Ghosh was Pradesh Congress’s Secretary and also looked after Congress’ social media. This comes as a heavy blow to the Pradesh Congress in the state. Anupam was very close to former Pradesh Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.

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On quitting from Congress party, Anupam said, “I respect Adhir Chowdhury. If there is anyone in the state who fights against Trinamool by taking to the streets, then that is Adhir Chowdhury. But presently, Trinamool’s opposition power is BJP. Somewhere, the Congress party is compromising with Trinamool. People are giving importance to BJP as a substitute of Trinamool. We want to fight against Trinamool. BJP is a platform and hence that is why I joined BJP.”

After removing Adhir Chowdhury from the Pradesh Congress president’s post, his followers became angry. They were not being able to accept the present president Somen Mitra. Hence, a situation ensued where Adhir followers decided to leave Congress and join the saffron brigade.

It was being heard that Adhir could also join BJP. But as per sources, he will not go to BJP before the Lok Sabha polls. He is supposed to fight the polls from the Congress ticket at Murshidabad. But question remains as to what would happen after Lok Sabha.

It was presumed after Somen Mitra became PCC chief that there will be a major reshuffling. It was also assumed that Amupam could be removed from his social media post. But that did not happen.

The news was shared by state BJP’s general secretary Sayantan Basu. But he did not yet confirm of Anupam getting any responsibility in BJP.

Sayantan Basu said, “He has just joined BJP. It is not possible to tell if he is getting any post yet. It is not so easy to get a post in the BJP. But it is good news that he has joined BJP.”

Reporting: Debjani Sarkar
Editing: Saheli Dey

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