Congress Failed On Jobs, Modi Govt Failing Too: Rahul In US

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Washington: Creation of jobs is the biggest challenge that India faces right now, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday. The job numbers are nowhere where they should be, Gandhi said, as he admitted that previous Congress governments had failed to address the concern. However, Gandhi added as an addendum, even the current Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party has failed to provide Indian youth with jobs.

Gandhi, who is on a tour in the United States, made this comments while addressing a small gathering of students at the Princeton University in New York. Gandhi mostly spoke about jobs and employment, unlike his previous student interaction at the University of Berkley .
During his interaction at Princeton, he also said the performance of India and China would determine how the world would fundamentally be reshaped.

“There are two large migrations taking place one is completely free and the other is centrally controlled. The systems respond differently. India and China are two huge countries that are transforming from agricultural countries to urban modern model countries…And how these two countries do is going to fundamentally reshape the world. It’s not my place to say that China should be democratic or not. They have chosen their path and we have chosen ours,” he said.