UP Congress Chief Asks ‘Inactive’ Party Leaders To Quit Congress


Lucknow:  With the 2017 UP Assembly elections coming close, the Congress has begun working on its new electoral policy. Party workers are being asked to go on a door-to-door campaign and now the party leaders will listen to the public grievances on roads.

Talking to India Today, UP Congress president and MP Raj Babbar said that the Congress leaders and workers will have to say goodbye to their relaxed state of mind and gear up for extensive campaigning all over the state.

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 The party high command has given clear guidelines in this direction and inactive leaders will be shown the door, with only those leaders moving ahead with the party who are active in the current campaign.

He said it is the new electoral policy that the Congress should have a reach from cities to villages to the smallest of settlements in the state and each party workers should be seen engaged in solving the grievances of the people.

Reacting to PM Narendra Modi’s remarks on cow slaughter, Babbar said, “With the UP Assembly electiond inching closer, we are seeing a new transformation in Modi who is alienating even the Hindu outfits on cow slaughter when he used to be on the forefront of a party that fanned the issue to such an extent that it cost Mohammad Akhlaq his life.”

Babbar said, “Modi may have pointed out the anti-social elements who are active in the name of Hindu outfits, but didn’t say who will take actiona against them. Such anti-social elements are not just in small Hindu outfits, but even in the BJP and are fully active at present.”

He challenged other parties to come close to the Congress’s tally in the upcoming Assembly elections and said that the people now know the reality of all the other political parties in the state and are ready to embrace the rock-steady rule offered by the Congress.

He said, “People have now realised that Modi is merely a dream-merchant and none of his promises ever materialise in the real world. The massive support received by the Congress in its Varanasi rally is a proof of that.” He said Agra had a minister in the Union cabinet for almost two years but the minister, who had an HRD portfolio could not even improve the state of Agra’s university, whereas he (Babbar) had countless accomplishments to talk about during his tenure as an opposition MP from Agra, including the shifting of North-Central Railway Division to Agra, from Jhansi and bringing LNG pipelines of GAIL to Agra and Firozabad.