Congress Attacks ‘Falsifiers’ Of BJP On Twitter


Kolkata: The Indian National Congress has took to Twitter and uploaded a video where they have stated highlighted that how the ruling party of centre BJP is fooling people.

The congress have targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Anilchandra Shah and Union textile minister Smriti Zubin Irani.

In the first half of the video they have claimed that the subject, PM has read does not exist in the present time.” What is ‘entire political scenario’, is not clear till now. Then Amit Shah targeted Amit Shah. In a slider containing details said that, “Amit Shah son taken loan for two separated land where Amit Shah has hidden in the affidavit provided in Rajya Sabha.

Attacking Smriti Irani, Congress said that, she can not stay with a single lie. Initially she said that she completed her BA degree in a distance education from Delhi University and at the same time part-1 from School Of Open learning of Delhi University. She also claimed that she also hold a degree of Yell University. BJP has not given opinion on such explosive comments.

Previously, Congress has attacked BJP on several note highlighting their several politics which has emerged a diving politics in India.