Cong To Seek Information Of TMC Govt Through RTI


Kolkata: Before the Lok Sabha elections, the state Congress party is preparing to flash the hidden information of Trinamool Congress party. They are taking help of the Right to Information Act to highlight the real face of the state government in front of people.

The two organizations of the Professional Congress and RTI and Human Rights groups have taken this initiative. After getting the report, they will be campaigning against the government. At the same time, BJP also will their target.

These two Congress organizations of the state Congress party are going to seek information from the RTI on how much the Center and the state government have spend in various projects, how much it has been done and how much has not been done.

One, how much the Center have given money to the states for their joint projects and how much the state government has spent in it? Two, Mamta’s government has its own projects. What are the current status of those projects and how much spent on it? Three, complete information about employment in the state.

President of Professional Congress (RTI) and RTI chairman Riju Ghosal said before the elections, both central and state governments have made many advertisements in various media about the implementation of government projects. Many people have questions about the authenticity of this advertisement. We are trying to highlight the answers to this question in front of the people.