Cong Supporters Put Up ‘RaGa-Namo Hug’ Posters


Mumbai: The Congress workers have put up several posters of Rahul Gandhi hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mumbai’s Andheri.

The posters have a tagline which reads as. “Nafrat se nahi, Pyar se jeetenge,” which roughly translates to “We will win by love, not hatred.”

It became a topic of great discussion when Congress President Rahul Gandhi walked upto Prime Minister Narendra Modi, soon after completing his speech on no-confidence motion.

The Congress party leaders hailed this gesture as “Jaadu ki Jhappi.” But on the other hand, the saffron brigade ridiculed him saying that he has started the “chipko movement” in the Lok Sabha.

Rahul in his speech said, “I will take this hatred out of you and turn it into love and turn it into love. I am the Congress. You taught me what it means to be a Hindustani, what it means to be a Hindu. It means to love somebody even if they attack you.”