Cong Sold Itself To CPM, Says Mamata

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Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday launched a scathing attack on Congress-CPM alliance.

CM while announcing her party’s election manifesto in Kolkata said, “We walked out of Congress in 1998 because they were handing over the party to CPI(M). Today we have been proven right.”

Dedicating the election manifesto to the common men, she said, “Our manifesto 2016 is dedicated to Maa, Mati, Manush of Bengal. We seek their blessing.”

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“We have performed over and above what we promised in 2011.”, She added.

Praising the work done by her government Mamata said, “Trinamool means ‘Egiye Bangla’ In industry, education, culture. Trinamool means fulfilling promises In matter of 4 years.”  

Harping the secular tune again, the CM said, “Trinamool means good days are here, End to misgovernance. Trinamool means Ram & Rahim, Sikh-Christian together.”

A total of 6.5 crore voters will decide the fate of hundreds of candidates contesting in the Assembly polls starting from April 4 which will end on May 5. The vote counting will be on May 19.