Cong hints at possible tie up with Janata Parivar


Hyderabad: The Congress on Sunday hinted at a possible tie up with the Janata Parivar forces in the Bihar Assembly elections. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh fells that if BJP is to be halted in the state then Narendra Modi will be suffering a setback.

He also welcomed the coming together of the Janata Parivaar. In an Interview he said, “The Janata Parivar outfits are also facing a type of crisis that the Congress is facing in many ways. Bihar is the next test for all of us. Delhi (elections earlier this year) destroyed (Narendra) Modi. And if the BJP is halted in Bihar, then Mr. Modi’s goose is cooked.”

He also said that Congress supported the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar.

Terming the decline of the left as a sad incident he said, “I am sad to see the fate of Left parties. I think the decline of the Left is not good. The Left has been a force for secular, progressive values. Its (Left parties’) economic policy may not always have been up to date.”

He also charged the modi Government as being ‘Kishan Birodhi’

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