Conflict disrupting delivery of food to Kunduz: Afghan officials


Kabul: Afghan officials have warned that heavy clashes between Taliban militants and government troops in the northern city of Kunduz are hindering the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to the people there.

According to Afghan officials, vital aid such as food and other emergency supplies are not getting through to Kunduz residents due to the ongoing fighting between Afghan troops and the Taliban on the outskirts of Kunduz, the capital of a province with the same name.

Deputy Head of the Afghan Disaster Management Aslim Sayas told AP that conditions were too dangerous and volatile for aid supplies to be trucked into Kunduz.

According to him, local and state authorities were immediately assisting those who have fled the city.

On September 28, Taliban militants overran Kunduz, the city, but were later forced to withdraw from much of it in the face of a government counterattack. Sporadic clashes continue as Afghan troops struggle to clear remaining pockets of militants.

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