Was confident of the victory: Satyajit Biswas

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Bongaon: Satyajit Biswas the TMC candidate at Krishnagunj after winning the Vidhan Sabha constituency said that he was confident of winning the seat. He further added that the result reflects that TMC is able to hold on its vote bank even after the BJP wave which gripped the State of late..

Biswas won the seat by a huge 36,999 votes and got a total of more than 95,000 votes. Biswas was confident of his victory. Earlier he had predicted CPM to trail second, taking BJP for a nobody. Surprisingly, BJP finished second and once Bengal’s dominant party CPM finished at humiliating third.

Satyajit Biswas dedicated this win to the victory of ‘Maa Mati Manush’. He even said that BJP would slowly lose popularity and ultimately end up at the third spot in the up coming polls.