Condoms that ‘vibrate’ and ensure ‘female orgasm’


London: Do women demand orgasmall the time? The question if not is a taboo, but is certainly forbidden in the cultured sphere.Finding answer to the question, the Michigan-based condom company’s bizarre new heart-shaped female contraception is right for women as it will make you reach climax without fail. The IXu LLC developers claim that the vibrating “sleeve” holds the VA w.o.w condom, which can be inserted up to eight hours before sex, in place to prevent it slipping too far into the vagina, the Independent reported.

A survey of 50 couples, found that 70 percent of women had an orgasm the first time they it and by the second use a recorded 84 percent has reached the ultimate climax. IXu’s Brian Osterberg said that the rate of orgasm for women by the fourth time of use was 100 per cent, which was a higher orgasm rate for women than even for men, adding that it just goes to show how powerful the technology is.

The condom, which combines regular latex sheaths that protect against pregnancy and STDs with miniature electronic sex toys, is expected to hit shelves in Europe in the next 12 to 18 months.