Condom Row: Sunny Responds to Critics

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Mumbai: With fame comes criticism and Sunny Leon is no exception, with millions of admirers she has quite a few critics also, Not too long ago, Communist Party of India`s national secretary (CPI) Atul Kumar Anjan had claimed that Sunny`s condom advertisement will incite men to commit rapes.

Here’s what Sunny had to say in response to the minister’s remark:

Sad when people of of power waste their time and energy on me, instead of focusing on helping those in needs!!!! #SHAME #EPICFAIL

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—Sunny Leone (@Sunny Leon) September 3, 2015

Porn star Sunny became a household name soon after she made her presence felt on Indian TV by appearing in ‘Bigg Boss’ a few years back.

She has been working in Bollywood mainstream cinema since then and has been endorsing various brands.