‘Concerned’ Mamata Worries For Bengal, As BJP Sweeps In Tripura


Kolkata: One and a half years ago Trinamool-Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee had raised her voice for the eviction of Left in Tripura. But Tripura Assembly Election of 2018 has showed that TMC is nowhere in the frame. Trinamool-Congress had a fight for 24 seats but could not secure a single. Apart from this, the frontal victory of BJP has jolted TMC and took the happy sleep of grassroots.

TMC was having a existential fight in Tripura. Mayor of Bidhannagar Municipality Sabyasachi Dutta was supervising the Assembly Election from TMC with a hope for legitimate position in Tripura. For very specific seats Mamata Banerjee had sent few heavyweight political leader and celebrity personality to influence the majority. Now its just a day-dream for the grassrooters as they could not save a single seat.

ত্রিপুরায় জামানত খুইয়ে বাংলায় প্রবল চিন্তায় মমতা

In reaction of the initial result Sabyasachi Dutta said to Kolkata 24X7 , “we have got only one month for the preparation, so did not expect any seat. We just wanted to stop BJP in Tripura. I can not say anything till the final result.”

What is present status of TMC ? Trinamool has given lot of effort for the eviction of saffron in Tripura but the last memory of TMC just gone with the wind. The political concerns are saying that the TMC is more worried about the growth of BJP in the native state than mourning the lose in Tripura. Because Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took the prime role to oppose Modi and his ideology to run the country.

West Bengal is facing huge push for the fast pace growth in West Bengal. Political concerns are saying that gradually the grand win of BJP could be a pressure for the TMC in Bengal. But TMC has denied that entirely. Sabyasachi Dutta said, Tripura has a distance of 500 km from West Bengal. So there is no point of insecurity.

TMC was holding a prime position in Tripura. Some Congress supporters have joined TMC after the overnight ‘wind of change’ in West Bengal. In the last assembly election TMC came into existence for the first time in Tripura. The state has celebrated and welcomed TMC wholeheartedly.

But the situation has changed so fast that those who joined TMC relying on Sudip RoyBarman, the TMC leader, has shifted to BJP with huge dissatisfaction. Ratan Chakraborty and Surajit Dutta are among them.

It process did not stop with this. The six head who had shifted to BJP were thrown out of the party. Soon after that TMC started to lose its position. In the situation of downfall of TMC Sabyasachi Duuta took over the charge of Tripura from Mamata’s side. Now they do not have any committee in Tripura. That’s how TMC was fighting for their existence. But it did not last.

Reported By : Debjani Sarkar.

Edited By: Susmita Das.