Complete Darkness in De Family: Diary


Kolkata: A new turn to the psychic case of Robinson Street. From the pages of Partha De‘s diary it has been revealed that there was an incestuos connection between Partha and Debjani De. Debjani De happened to be the spinster sister of Partha De, who died at the age of 47. According some pages of Partha’s diary, Debjani tried to attract sexually Partha De, her brother,  toward her while they went for a vacation at Digha. It is also revealed that their mother tried to indulge Partha in a sexual relationship with the maid of the house. She considered her son to be impotent. Hence, several times she forced Partha to get into sexual encounter with the housemaid, said his diary. Partha De’s mother died in 2007.

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