Complete Ban On ‘Blue Whale’ Game : Calcutta HC To Centre


Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court directs to take all kinds of restrictions to stop all links related to the fatal game – Blue Whale in India. On Friday Calcutta High Court gave this direction to Centre. By the end of September 21st 2017, Centre has to present all the details to the high court related to measures that has been taken by the government to ban the link of the deadly game ‘Blue Whale’. The Calcutta High Court’s acting Chief Justice Nishitha Matre and Justice Tapobrata Chakraborty’s division bench gave this directive to Centre.

A PIL was filed in Calcutta High Court for the fatal game ‘Blue-Whale’. Lawyer Bibhas Chattapadhyay filed the case in the high court representing as NGO. On Friday the hearing of this PIL was done at the office of Justice Nishitha Matre.

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In the application of Bibhas Chattapadhyay it is mentioned that there must be inquiry into this dying game. After examining, the details of who is spreading these links, the investigating team will submit the report to the High Court after the investigation. Several departments of the Central and State governments have been engaged in this case so that the court orders the government to investigate the matter.

ব্লু হোয়েল লিঙ্ক পুরোপুরি বন্ধ করতে কেন্দ্রকে নির্দেশ হাইকোর্টের

Despite the ban on the fatal game ‘Blue Whale’, the appeal was made by the court to order to find out how the link of this game is still going viral on mobile & computers. Lawyer Bibhas Chattaopadhyay has also added school education departments in his application. So That the school education department takes the initiative and warn the students about the hazardous effects of this fatal game in various schools. His application also demands high court to take action to find out whether any of the ‘Dark Web’ is being involved in this game.

On Friday, the division bench of Justice Nishitha Matre and Tapobrata Chakravarty heard the case. The judges expressed surprise over the absence of any representative from the state.
The court expressed concern over the death cases that is constantly rising everyday due to this fatal game. There will be another hearing on this case on 21st September. The division bench of Justice Nishitha Matre has also asked the Centre to give full details of how Centre has taken initiative to ban this fatal game ‘Blue Whale’ to completely shutdown in India.

The judiciary department have also asked the State and the Centre education departments to bring awareness about this game in all the schools across the country.

Reported By: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash