Compensation matters more than conviction: Victims


Mumbai: “Compensation matters more than conviction,” say the victims of the 2002 hit-and-run case in which Bollywood star Salman Khan has been sentenced to five years in jail. Abdullah Rauf Shaikh, who lost a leg in the accident, said, “Nobody came to visit me in the last 13 years. I am forced to do petty jobs to support my family and face a lot of problems.” “However, I have no hard feelings for him. I still watch his movies,” he said, adding they were not pressurised by anyone.

“Compensation matters more than conviction, my health and work suffered,” Shaikh said. “If Salman is punished, I will not be benefited in any way as neither my leg will heal nor my problems would go away. Instead if they compensate us then we do not have any problem,” he said, recalling that he was 22 years old when he lost his leg in the incident.

The wife of Nurullah Mehboob Sharif, who died in the accident, said, “We were told we will get a compensation of Rs 10 lakh, but what will we do of that amount at this time of inflation.” She said that she would be benefited if her son gets a job.