Commission Has To State Reason Behind One-Tier Panchayat: Calcutta HC


Kolkata: Though West Bengal Panchayat Election has come to a decision. But CPM, BJP and PDS have filed two fresh cases on Thursday in regards of Election Commission decision of one-tier rural poll.

After the notice of one-tier election. A hearing took place in Calcutta High Court.
CPM lawyer Bikashranjan Bhattacharyya said, “The date of election has to be decided on a negotiation with stakeholders of panchayat. In a retaliatory question, justice asked commission have they followed the order of High Court. He asked for the details of meeting.

কেন একদফায় ভোট, আদালতে জানাতে হবে কমিশনকে

Commission replied on that, every required meeting took place on April 26. We listened to everyone grievances regarding panchayat election.

Soon after that commission faced huge criticism on their role. The division bench said that Election Commission is not able to keep a neutral position and losing their position in organising panchayat election in West Bengal.

Court alleged that Commission is misleading court in many ways. He asked commission to state reason behind their decision of one-tier election instead of three-tier election.