To Commission An EIS, Trains Disrupt For 3 Days At Kharagpur


Kharagpur:  Officials of South Eastern Railway said that to commission an electronic interlocking system at Kharagpur, many trains cancelled and diverted at Kharagpur. Work on upgrade at Kharagpur station will disrupt train services for three days from Friday.

“During the remodelling work… we will have to regulate passenger trains. This will lead to disruptions, minor on some days but major on the last three days (November 17-19),” said South Eastern Railway chief public relations officer Sanjay Ghosh.

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On Friday, SER released a list of trains that will be cancelled, diverted or halted at various places. The list has also been uploaded on

November 17

Cancelled:  Kharagpur-Tata Passenger, Tata-Kharagpur Passenger, Kharagpur-Tata- MEMU Passenger, Tata-Chakradharpur Passenger and Howrah-Jagdalpur Passenger. Diverted: Dn Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Superfast Express, which will go via Hijli and Nimpura.

November 18

Cancelled: Howrah-Purulia Express, Howrah-Ranchi Inter-city Express (which goes via Tatanagar), Howrah-Jagdalpur Samleshwari Express (both Up and Dn), Purulia-Jhargram Express, Dn Ranchi-Howrah Inter-city Express Halted: Tata-Kharagpur MEMU Passenger at Kalaimunda.

November 19

Cancelled: Over a dozen, including Howrah-Titlagarh Ispat Express (Up and Dn), Howrah-Barbil Janshatabdi Express (Up and Dn), Shalimar-Kurla Express, Tata-Howrah Steel Superfast Express (Up and Dn), Howrah-Ahmedabad Express (Up and Dn), Udaipur-Shalimar Express, Hatia-Howrah Express and Mumbai-Howrah Geetanjali Express.

Rescheduled: Howrah-Hatia Express, Howrah-Mumbai Geetanjali Express and Howrah-Shirdi Sai Express Two-hour halt: Howrah-Pune Duronto Express in Chakradharpur division

Diverted: Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Superfast Express, Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express and Puri-New Delhi Neelanchal Express.