Combat Force Cuts Shutter, Entry Into Bagri Market Shut Down


Kolkata: The devastated fire in Bagri market has battered the condition of the building, so it became the prime concern after the fire extinguishing process.

The wake of several collapse in the city, Kolkata police has ceased all the entries of Bagri market. The monitoring work will go through CCTV. An apprehension of collapse is bugging the mind of administration people.

The Combat Force and Disaster Management Team has entered the Bagri market on Wednesday to cut the shutters of the shops. The disaster management team repeatedly checked that any fire pockets active there or not.

To avoid any sort of negligence and irresponsibility, the fire brigade has visited Bagri market on Thursday. Every gate of Bagri market have been sealed.

Three days have gone by, but Bagri fire still rages on. There are fire pockets still there. Yet the scene at the Bagri market is different on Wednesday. Burrabazar was trying to return to its normalcy.

Almost 3 days have gone by. All the shops in the Burrabazar area were shut down after the Bagri fire. But since Wednesday morning, the shops started opening gradually one-by-one. With the belief that everything will be fine once again, the businessmen started working again. With a heavy heart they began because the burnt Bagri is just in front of them. But forgetting everything, keeping in mind their business before the upcoming pujas, they started fresh, accepting the loss.

A businessman said, “I could open my shop after three days. Let’s see what happens. I cannot understand anything that whether the shop will remain open or be shut down. People are also not being able to come, hence facing some difficulties. We have incurred lot of losses as so many shops were gutted in fire. But there is nothing that we can do.”

The Bagri fire had an adverse effect in the adjoining shops too. The businessmen faced huge loses especially at the season of profit. They still do not know that will they be able to keep the shop open in the entire part of the day. But when these shops are the only source of their income, how could they keep them shut. With this thought, they arrived at their respective shops on Wednesday morning.

Shops in the adjoining areas were also shut down over fears that the fire from the Bagri market could spread to them. These shopkeepers had also lend hands to dousing the Bagri fire. But not being able to do much, they could just see the shops being gutted down in fire. However, they helped in removing goods from their friend’s shops.

Few fire pockets are still there which the fire service men are trying to douse with utmost case. Amidst this chaos, the shopkeepers are trying to bring normalcy
in their lives.