Cold Wave & Fog Continue To Grip Bengal


Kolkata: The India Meteorological Department and Regional Weather Office Kolkata in their latest update said that North and South Bengal will continue to experience dry weather with mainly clear sky conditions for the last day of the year, Monday.

Moreover, with consecutive fall in minimums, cold wave conditions are also prevailing in pockets of Gangetic Bengal.

During last 24 hours, the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling in West Bengal has recorded temperatures at 2.4℃ while Bankura has recorded its minimums at 8.2℃, below normal by 3℃.

“An uninterrupted flow of the north-westerly winds has been bringing down the mercury. Conditions are favorable for a chilly spell to continue for the next 3-4 days. The mercury could go down further,” an official of the local weather office said.

Moreover, since no active system is affecting over the region, cool and dry northerly winds are continuing over West Bengal.

In the coming days, no change is expected in wind pattern apart from a slight decrease in temperatures over some places West Bengal and other Eastern states of India.Nights will remain very cold and days will be felt as pleasant with bright sunshine during afternoon time. On the other side, early morning will get moderate level of fog over the regions.

The regional MET office, in their prediction has informed that the mercury drop will continue in the end of the year. The first few days of January will see the coldest of the season. The drop in mercury will continue for next few days.