Coin Stuck In Boy’s Throat, SSKM Treats After Four Hospitals Refuse


Kolkata: A grandfather and grandmother helplessly roamed from one hospital to another seeking help for their grandson who swallowed a Re. 1 coin. SSKM finally helped and operated out the coins.

Argha Biswas stays with his grandparents in Ranaghat after his mother died few years ago. His father works as a cook and has to travel for the purpose. According to the family, Argha swallowed a coin while playing on Saturday. The coin got stuck in his throat for which he was unable to speak.

Argha’s grandmother first noticed the incident. Later on, the locals and his grandfather rushed him to the Ranaghat Hospital. Though an x-ray was performed on him, but the hospital refused to treat him further, as said by the family.

Argha was then taken to the Kalyani hospital where they referred him to NRS in Kolkata.

Again, the x-ray was performed on Argha and he and his family was asked to wait by the NRS authorities. Meanwhile, with the help of their known person, they went to the Sishumangal hospital where they also refused to threat him as alleged.

At around 1 at night, they took Argha to SSKM where his treatment started finally.
Within an hour, the coin was taken out of Argha’s throat by the doctors.