Cockroach In Passenger’s Food In Satabdi Express

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Howrah, Jalpaiguri: A cockroach was found in a passenger’s food in Satabdi Express on Saturday.

The shameful incident took place in Howrah bound down Satabdi Express in coach number C3. The train reached Howrah station at 1:45 pm. The passengers staged at protest at the Howrah station for providing passengers with low quality food and the presence of an insect (cockroach) in the food given by the railway’s pantry car.

As a result, chaos and tension broke out in Howrah station. Questions arise that how can there be an insect in foods provided by Satabdi Express. The safety of the passenger’s health is in doubts. It has been reported that previously same incident occurred when cockroach was found in passengers’ food. Complaints have been lodged with the railway authorities.