Cockroach Found In Bread Amid Carcass Meat Chaos


Howrah: City is highly chaotic on the carcass meat incident. Meat of dead animal are being edible in many ways. State is in a confusing condition as the daily food dependency is facing question. Cockroach found in a renowned company bread oin a tea shop of Howrah.

In the ruckuss of carcass meat rastaurants, street food corner are losing their sale. The incident sparked chaos among the residents and buyer.

ভাগাড়ের মাংসের পর এবার পাঁউরুটিতে আরশোলা

A person on Friday came to have bread and ghugni and felt the taste of cockroach in his first bite of toasted bread. He informed the the shop holder. The bread company has been contacted via phone.

Bally police has been informed after the incident. Police started an investigation on such awful incident.